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The Division of Physical Sciences is committed to sharing information about its administration, academics, outreach and research—from people to their changemaking activities—with a full-service news and multimedia team. From writing stories and media training, to coordinating press interviews and posting social media news, we cover the physical sciences around the clock, year-round.

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Figure 1. Schematic of microshells enhancing HIFU in a potential glioblastoma clinical setting.

Exploding Shells Boost Immune Response to Brain Cancer

Figure 1. Schematic of the Proposed Stiff Probe.

Wired to think

The late Roger Tsien

Scientists bask in glow of fluorescence gathering

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Physics undergraduates Alex Valenze and Edmund Lau talked to KUSI

Physics undergraduates Alex Valenze and Edmund Lau talked to KUSI

Alison Coil talks to KUSI about the recent photo of the black hole

First Blackhole Photo Explained

Alexis Komor (UCSD) and Nicole Gaudelli (Beam Therapeutics)

Talking Shop on Guidepost


16th Methods & Applications of Fluorescence (MAF) meeting

Aug. 20-24, 2019 | UC San Diego Price Center
The event will bring together established scientists and younger investigators from academia and industry to discuss recent developments in diverse areas related to the biosciences and material sciences. Postdoctoral scholars and students will also participate in the meeting aimed at enabling focused discussions, promoting the exchange of ideas and facilitating networking.


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