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The Division of Physical Sciences is committed to sharing information about its administration, academics, outreach and research—from people to their changemaking activities—with a full-service news and multimedia team. From writing stories and media training, to coordinating press interviews and posting social media news, we cover the physical sciences around the clock, year-round.

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Foot-bed of flip-flops being pulled from a mold. Photo courtesy of Stephen Mayfield, UC San Diego.

New Science Behind Algae-based Flip-flops

Even a small uninhabited island in the Maldives is marked with human pollution. The flip-flops on this Indian Ocean beach likely came from India or China, more than 1,000 miles away. Photo courtesy of Stephen Mayfield.

UC San Diego Forging a Sustainable Future with Renewable Products

Display of the aftermath of a head-on collision between protons, with energy of 7 trillion electron volts each, collected by the CMS experiment in 2018. Here a candidate Higgs boson produced via the gluon fusion mode disintegrates into a pair of muons, indicated by the red lines and some subatomic debris indicated in yellow and green. The muon-pair has an invariant mass of 125.46 GeV. Photo courtesy of the CMS Collaboration, CERN.

Scientists Find First Evidence for the Higgs Boson Interaction with Muons

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